Four-axial semitrailer SAV 931824-0000050 (packaging arrangament 931824-0000050-Р32)

    Prominent features of trawls of a SAV brand are: strengthened mechanical suspension; possibility of frame extension, supports, sides, jackhammer bars, awning on gander, additional fuel tanks, devices for goods binding, water-power plant, different kinds of ladders: one-step and two-step with hydrodrive or mechanical, triangle with a manual drive installment; ladders are made only from high-strength steel.

Technical charactreristics

Weight of transporting goods, kg 50 000
Fitted semitrailer weight, kg 17 000
The whole semitrailer weight, kg 67 000
Loading capacity on a saddle-coupling device, kgs 22 000
Loading capacity on the road through tyres, kgs 45 000
Entry angle on ladders, degrees 16
Maximum speed, km/h 90
 Tyres 235/75R17,5 (16+2 pcs.)

Semitrailer equipment

 - Pin is  3,5" (89 mm);
 - Double-speed bearing device of a  JOST brand (Germany);
 - Mechanical suspension with a rare thruster axle;
 - Axles of a BPW brand (Germany);
 - Rare mechanical additional supports;
 - Chain buckles for goods binding  (4 pcs.);
 - Side platform is on a gander, right side is made from 2 parts;
 - Brake system with ABS;
 - Ladders with spring assistant;
 - Side protection;
 - Rare headlight protection;
 - Middle flooring goods platform with a thickness 16 mm;
 - External flooring of goods platform with thickness 10 мм, in rare part on length 1500 mm with thickness 16 mm;
 - Antiskid straps;
 - Binding loops;
 - Strengthened rare crossbar;
 - Strengthened external frame longrenons;
 - Flash light on a magnet in a ZIP set.