Group of companies "SpetsAvto-Vostok"


     Nowadays trailers technique has a wide choice , vast variety of models and quite serious competitive fight. Transportation of different goods is an art  which demands non-standard engineer and creative solutions.  We select an appropriate rolling stock in dependence on goods sizes, which is  perfectly designed  for these goods. In some cases standard trailer technique can not be appropriate for some conditions.  That’s why we design an exclusive production accounting  all customers desires. And our main point here is manufacturing  of high quality technique. Technique for special administration of SAV (SpecAuto-Vostok) mark matches all modern standards of quality and reliability.  This technique suits for domestic and foreign customers. Manufacturing of production matches the GOST ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001-2008) requirements.


   “SpecAuto-Vostok”, LLC started working on the 12th of November 2001. Nowadays it is a company that specializes on design, manufacturing and selling of wide range of trailer technique with different administration.  SAV technique is familiar to oil industry workers, foresters, builders,   gas industry workers, that work in Ural, Siberia, Far North and Far East regions.


    High qualified  and experienced executive, engineering and technical staff  permit to  quickly react on all customers  and partners inquiries. 

  We have a constructor base and modern technological equipment with a flexible manufacturing cycle as well as many years experience  in automobile area, that’s why we can manufacture our products in such short terms.  First of all we cut out the metal leaves. In order to shorten the time of technological cycle and  metal expense, we cut the details with gas-plasma cutting of a Czech brand. This cutting has a computer program that can choose the optimal path of steel leaves cutting. Constructions are made of special low-alloy 09G2S steel. Frame is produced from 2 or more lateral longerons, that are bounded with essential quantity of transversal  opened or closed section beams and local amplifiers. Longeron beams can have opened transversal section by I-beams or channels or closed rectangular or square profile and also permanent or temporary height of section of a frame length.   It is very important to have accurate and high-quality welding joining because they have an impact on accuracy of frame geometry. Frame and other steel parts of SAV brand pass the bead blasting in Clemko camera before painting. Painting passes in special cameras of German brand and using European paint-and-lacquer materials.  Camera sizes permit to paint not only big trailers, but also several small trailers at the same time.



Покраска спецтехники САВ Покраска спецтехники САВ 1 Покраска спецтехники САВ 2 Покраска спецтехники САВ 3





Special technique of a SAV brand has a wide model range owing to reliability and adaptability of product to work in different conditions: roads of common use, sands of Central Asia, ices of Far North and Far East. Technique can solve all these problems in each climatic zone!


     Our specialists have designed several types of suspensions and axles of our own brand in order to use it in a running gear of trailer technique. Besides we use spare parts of popular European manufacturers.  We install high-quality spare parts of running gear of well-known brands:  BPW, SAF, Gigant according to customer desire as well as JOST and BPW turntables, brake systems and ABS of  WABCO brand, pintles, container locks and supportive devices of  BPW, JOST brands, hydraulic systems for dump body trucks of BINOTTO, HYVA and PENTA brands.


    Our engineers have explored a big nomenclature of different vehicles. We have designed and manufactured timber lorries,   short log truck vehicles (trailers and semitrailers for severe exploitation conditions, off-road capability vehicles), articulated vehicles- pipe trucks with a different capacity and in different modifications.

We can also produce semitrailers for transportation of different road-building technique with a capacity from 20 till 100 tons, that can be exploited both independently or with rolling bogies with a different capacity. The part of our manufacturing program is trailer technique with a low frame and loading height 900 mm and less. We also produce trailers and semitrailers for the equipment mounting and transportation, and technological vessels that are specially designed for oil and gas industry workers. One of our specifics is design and selling of dump body trucks, trailer and semitrailer technique using chassis with a big capacity, including imported chassis.


   One of our important part of work is supply of spare parts to different vehicles, buses, and trailer technique of all manufacturers, including European manufacturers  (BPW, JOST, GF, SAF, WABCO).


   Today automobile, tractor and trailer technique of a SAV brand is well-known and essential. Modern technique of special administration of a SAV brand has been successfully working in many regions of country.


СпецАвто-Восток Производство прицепной техники