There are basic models of SAV technique on the website.

“SpecAuto-Vostok”, LLC manufacture the technique according to individual customer’s requirement, that’s why technical characteristics and option set can be modified.

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Weight of flooded water: 34 tons
Weight of flooded foam: 2,65 tons
Basic chassis: VOLVO A40F


Loading capacity: 60 tons
Suspension: mechanical


Basic chassis:  IVECO-AMT 633940
Equipment weight: 14,53 tons
Crane-manipulator device: of a brand UNIC, model UR-V 504


Capacity: 20 tons
Capacity under the exposed supports: 40 tons
Body volume: 30 cubic m
Projecting supports: 4 pcs., hydraulic
Transporter: with a hydraulic drive

     The semitrailer is equipped by special dump body tank for propane transporting with  a volume 30 cubic m with 4 charging hatches in a roof and one unloading device for proppant spilling out through the rare side. Proppant moves through the unloading device into a tape transporter, that provides to feed proppant into tank, that is located on a maximum height until 2 m.  Semitrailer is equipped by 4 hydraulic projecting supports for stability increasing. Controlling hydraulic spreaders are located on the both sides of semitrailer, that provides to perform operations on each side.   The tank is equipped by transformable system of ladders and handrails for providing a safe lifting and operation standing on the upper semitrailer platfrom in  adroop and raised positions. 

Goods: helicopters
Capacity: 10 tons


Basic chassis: ZIL-433110
Capacity: 3,7 tons


Goods: bridge beams
Capacity : 70 tons
Front conic: turning, tilting
Rare conics: tough