There are basic models of SAV technique on the website.

“SpecAuto-Vostok”, LLC manufacture the technique according to individual customer’s requirement, that’s why technical characteristics and option set can be modified.

     You can ask all questions about technique calling this phone number:

 +7 (351) 245-34-36

Or writing emai:

Weight of transporting goods: 31 ton
Body volume: 71,6 cubic m
Mobile front side: yes
Unloading: 2 minutes
Lightened body : yes


Weight of transporting goods: 34,35 ton
Body volume: 65 cubic m
Body lifting angle: 37 degrees

  The feature of this model is dump body platform of an increased sized. Rectangular body provides to transport not only friable, but also peace goods with a volume until 70 cubic m.

Weight of transporting goods: 35 ton
Body volume: 50 cubic m
Mobile front side: yes