Semitrailer SAV 9318Е2-0000040

Technical characteristics: 

Weight of transporting goods 30 000
Volume of transporting goods, cubic m 40
Fitted semitrailer weight, kg 10 000
The whole semitrailer weight, kg 40 000
Loading capacity on a saddle-coupling device, kgs 13 000
Loading capacity on a semitrailer boogie, kgs 27 000
Tyres 385/65R22,5 (6+1 pcs)
Maximum speed, km/h 90
Tractor with a saddle-coupling device  2" (50,8 mm),   hydraulic  with  outputs  “pressure” and “discharge” on a semitrailer.

Semitrailer equipment: 

 - Pin is  2" (50,8 mm) for a plate 12 mm;
 - Ttriaxial mechanical suspension;
 - Two-wire pneumatic brake system;
 - ABS;
 - Telescopic double-speed bearing device;
 - Plastic wheel arms;
 - Side protection;
 - Rare buffer;
 - Spare wheel fixing holder on a semitrailer;
 - 5 tanks with a volume 8 cubic m that are made of steel  09Г2С;
 -  There are screens with hydraulic drive  in  a lower part  of each tank;
 - The tape conveyor with a hydraulic dive is installed under tanks for goods unloading;
 - Screen and conveyor control is used within hydraulically actuated valve  with a manual control, that is installed in a left rare part of semitrailer;
 - Observation hole in an upper and lower parts of each tank;
 - Rolling up tent is above each tank;
 - Paltform for service in a front part of semitrailer with a ladder for access;
 - Ladder in a rare part of semitrailer;
 - Holders for hinge-plate of a screw in a rare part of a semitrailer;
 - Screw conveyor in rare part of a semitrailer.