Six-axial semitrailer SAV 931826-0000030 (packaging arrangement 931826-0000030-10)

    Prominent features of trawls of a SAV brand are: strengthened mechanical suspension; possibility of frame extension, supports, sides, jackhammer bars, awning on gander, additional fuel tanks, devices for goods binding, water-power plant, different kinds of ladders: one-step and two-step with hydrodrive or mechanical, triangle with a manual drive installment; ladders are made only from high-strength steel.

Technical characteristics:

Weight of transporting goods, kg 60 000
Fitted semitrailer weight, kg 21 000
The whole semitrailer weight, kg 81 000
Loading capacity on the road through tyres, kgs 22 000
Loading capacity on the road through tyres, kgs 59 000
Tubeless tyres 235/75R17,5 (24+2 pcs.)
Maximum speed, km/h 80

Semitrailer equipment:

 - Pin is  3,5" (89 mm);
 - Air suspension that is adjustable on height with 3 thrusting axles;
 - Without ladders;
 - Sites for fixing of spare wheels with lifting mechanism;
 - Pneumatic brake system with ABS;
 - Parking brake system with energy accumulators on 3 axles;
 - Electrical equipment 24V that is made hermetically;
 - Bearing device of a JOST brand;
 - Rare wheel mudguards;
 - Metallic box for intrument;
 - Devices for goods binding with winch, cable, protective housing  (4 pcs.);
 - Platform floor  with wholes for fastening cable;
 - Side platform is on a gander.