Triaxial semitrailer SAV 93183 (packaging arrangement 93183Е6-0000010-ТН)

Technical characteristics:

Weight of transporting goods, kg 43 000
Fitted semitrailer weight, kg 15 000
Weight of removable stands, kg 1 000
The whole semitrailer weight, kg 58 000
Loading capacity on a saddle-coupling device, kgs 22 000
Loading capacity on the road through tyres, kgs 36 000
Entry angle on ladders, degrees 18
Maximum speed, km/h 90
Tyres 235/75R17,5 (12+1 pcs.)


Semitrailer equipment:

 - Pin is  3,5" (89 mm);
 - Telescopic double-speed bearing device;
 - Pneumatic suspension that is adjustable on height from  -95 mm until +110 mm;
 - Side platform is on a ganderБортовая площадка на гусаке, sides height is 400 mm, devices for goods binding, holder for spare wheels fixing, lifter of spare wheels with a reducer;
 - Brake system with ABS;
 - Electrical equipment 24V;
 - Ladders with a spring assistant, that are moving apart on width;
 - Power telescopic frame extensions up to  3550 mm;
 - Side protection;
 - Jackhammer bars and antiskid straps;
 - Devices for goods binding on the whole length of platform;
 - Metallic instrumental box on a gander;
 - Removable stands that are used for 2 bulldozer transportation  (2 pcs.).
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