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Trailer equipment in the modern market is distinguished by a wide selection, a wide variety of models and quite serious competition. Transportation of various cargoes is an art that requires innovative engineering and creative solutions. Depending on the dimensions of the cargo, a suitable rolling stock is selected, which will be designed specifically for this cargo. In some situations, standard trailed equipment will not cope with the task. For such cases, we create exclusive products at the request of the customer and our main task is to ensure its high quality. Special equipment of the CAV brand (SpetsAvto-Vostok) meets all modern requirements for quality and reliability. This technique is suitable for domestic and foreign consumers. Production meets the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001-2008).

SpetsAvto-Vostok LLC began its activity on November 12, 2001. It is currently an enterprise that specializes in the development, production and sale of a wide range of trailers for various purposes. CAB equipment is familiar to oil workers, foresters, builders, gas workers working in the regions of the Urals, Siberia, the Far North and the Far East.

We quickly respond to all customer requests, due to the high level of qualification of technical, managerial and engineering personnel. The presence of a design base with modern technological equipment with a flexible production cycle, and many years of experience in the automotive industry, allows us to produce products in the shortest possible time. First of all, cutting of sheets of metal is performed. In order to reduce the time of the technological cycle and the consumption of metal, the cutting of parts is carried out using a gas-plasma installation, Czech production. She uses a computer program to select the optimal path for cutting steel sheets. Power structures are made of special low-alloy steel 09G2S. The frame is made of two or more longitudinal spars, interconnected by the required number of transverse beams of open or closed section and local amplifiers. Spars beams can have an open cross-section by an I-beam or channel, or a closed rectangular or square profile, as well as a constant or variable section height along the length of the frame. During assembly, the correctness and quality of welded joints is important, they directly affect the accuracy of the frame geometry. Before painting, the frame and other steel parts of the CAB products are thoroughly shot blasted in a chamber manufactured by Clemko. Painting takes place in special German-made chambers using European paints and varnishes. The dimensions of the chamber allow painting both large semi-trailers and several trailers at the same time.


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Special equipment of the CAV brand has a wide range, due to the reliability and adaptability of the product to work in a variety of conditions: public roads, sands of Central Asia, “winter roads” of the Far North and the Far East. The equipment will cope with its tasks in any climate zone!

Our experts have developed several types of their own suspensions and axles for use in the chassis of trailed equipment. In addition, we use accessories from popular European manufacturers. Depending on customer preferences, we will install high-quality running gear assemblies from companies known all over the world: BPW, SAF, Gigant, JOST and BPW turntables, WABCO brake systems and ABS, pivots, container locks and support devices BPW, JOST, hydraulic systems for BINOTTO, HYVA and PENTA tipper equipment.

Designers SpetsAvto-Vostok blocked a very wide range of different vehicles. Timber carriers, short log carriers (trailers and semi-trailers for difficult operating conditions, automobiles and cross-country trains), pipe carriers of various carrying capacities in a variety of designs are designed and manufactured. The enterprise’s production program also includes semi-trailers for transporting various road-building wheeled and tracked vehicles with a lifting capacity of 20 to 100 tons, which can be operated both independently and with rolling trolleys of various lifting capacities. Part of the program is low-loader trailers with loading heights of up to 900 mm or less. A certain segment is occupied by semitrailers and trailers for equipment installation, as well as automotive equipment for installation and transportation of various HTO blocks, bulk carriers, pump modules and other technological tanks designed specifically for oil and gas industry workers. One of the specializations of SpetsAvto-Vostok LLC is the development and sale of dumping equipment, trailers, semi-trailers and heavy-duty automobile chassis, including the use of imported chassis. The nomenclature of the manufactured equipment includes mobile gas and gas refueling tanks of the MVZ-T-AT type (methane-tanker refueling vehicles of the automobile type), including autonomous gas stations.

In addition, an important area of activity is the supply of spare parts for various trucks, buses and trailers of any manufacturer, including European ones (BPW, JOST, GF, SAF, WABCO).

Today, automotive, tractor and trailer equipment of the CAV trademark is known and in demand. Modern equipment for special purposes, under the CAB brand, has successfully established itself in many regions of the country.

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