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Automobiles assortment carriers SAV

Automobiles assortment carriers SAV

CAB sorting trucks are adapted for difficult off-road conditions.

They provide the possibility of operation as part of road trains, coupled with CAB trailers.



Execution Options:

  • Base chassis Volvo / Man / Mercedes-Benz / Scania / Iveco / Kamaz and others.
  • For transportation of one pack of assortment 6 m long / two packs of assortment 4 meters long
  • Rigid rear-mounted hydraulic manipulator / extendable console
  • Koniki detachable / not detachableе

Basic equipment

  • Reinforced cab front guard
  • Seals made of high-strength steel rearranged along the length of the frame
  • Chassis Assembly Protection • Vandal proof wheel wings
  • Reinforced rear cross member for towing device
  • Towing device type RO 50 Flex or RO 56 E



SAV consultation

SAV consultation

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